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OXFORD, Mississippi – Attempts at online humor is often misconstrued by but one mom’s attempt at Twitter humor nearly cost her, her kid.

“All I could think of was ‘this is a horrible misunderstanding’,” said Alex McDaniel.

31-year-old McDaniel tweeted out, in Sept., “3-year-old for sale. $12 OBO”

It was a joke! But she’s regretting it now, that’s for sure!

Child Protective Services popped into her work the next week, with deputies from the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office.

According to McDaniel, someone offended by her tweet, called CPS and accused her of child trafficking and claimed she was mentally ill.

“They had the power to take him away at any point and that was frightening to me,” McDaniel said.

Furthermore, because of CPS rules, whomever called in the anonymous tip couldn’t be identified, so she couldn’t even confront her accuser.

“Anybody that would do that, to try and break up a family, it’s just inexcusable,” McDaniel declares.

McDaniel said the investigation found that she had done nothing wrong, but from this point forward, she won’t be posting online about her kid and thinks something needs to be done about the way CPS does it’s job.

“If someone calls in and refuses to leave their information, for CPS to follow up, refuses to leave anything for them, can just drop a tip, I don’t think those tips should be treated the same way as others,” she says.