Mobster finally busted for 1978 Lufthansa heist

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NEW YORK, NY – It was one of the largest cash thefts in American history and a heist that seemed straight out of a movie. In fact, the theft of more than $5 million from JFK Airport back in 1978 made it to the big screen in the movie “Goodfellas.”

More than 35 years later the guys who pulled off the Lufthansa heist are finally facing charges.

Vincent Asaro is the first of five alleged members of the Bonanno crime family to be indicted for participating in the raid. The wide-range indictment issued by federal prosecutors also lists four other defendants accused of murder, robbery, extortion, arson and bookmaking.

Asaro is the only one charged with the Lufthansa heist, and if you saw the movie you know what happened to most of the other wise guys who were involved.

More than three decades later justice is finally being served.


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