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HOUSTON, Tx. — Holy Moly! Some moles are more famous than others like the ones on Cindy Crawford or Eva Mendes.

Ancient Chinese astrology says body placement of a mole can tell whether or not you’ll hit the big time. Well actually, it says a mole on the cheek means loneliness, but whatever.

Chinese astrologers believe moles come from emotional or psychological responses to whatever life throws your way.

Got a mole on your forehead, then you might be a good communicator.

One in the eyebrows and you might get rich.

One on the earlobe means you have a  good personality.

But don’t head to the mirror for a mole check just yet. Mole this over. It’s not all necessarily good because a mole under the eyes means you could be too emotional.

One on the end of your nose, and you have instability.

And a mole on the back means you carry a burden with you.

Of course, that is, if you believe in that sort of thing.