Moms Demand Action speak out over Kroger’s open carry.

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HOUSTON, TX -- Heading to the grocery store? There's nothing threatening about a few fruits and vegetables, right?

Some moms see it differently.

The group is Moms Demand Action and their goal is to drop off petitions, which have over 20,000 Texan signatures at Kroger in order to get Kroger's open carry rules changed. As it stands, Kroger does not prohibit open carry within their stores.

Jorge Seda, A Houston Kroger store manager, said, "We follow state and local ordinance laws as far as our policies inside the store on open carry at this time and that's all I can say on that matter."

The petition is going through the pipeline, leaving the Moms Demanding Action pleased.

Alexandra Chasse, a Moms Demand Action Houston ambassador, said, "I felt he was very receptive and cordial and it's obvious to me that like every good manager, he is concerned about what his customers have to say."

Regardless of whether the rules do or don't get changed, is it really necessary to bring the ole rifle inside to pick up some milk and bread? A whole lot of folks don't think so.


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