Moms have fist fight over parking spot at the Houston Zoo

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HOUSTON, Texas - When you go to the zoo, you expect to see animals in their cages… not outside, fighting for a parking spot. A cellphone video in which several moms appear like fierce creatures pulling hair and throwing punches right outside the Houston Zoo went viral.

How did this brawl start? We don't know. One thing is for sure, though: if these women are starting a fight club in the Bayou City, they better set some rules, like in the real Fight Club. However, Brad Pitt's first two rules: "You do not talk about fight club", won't work.  Too late for that, ladies.  This is NewsFix and we talk about everything.

The fight continued for a few seconds and even a woman's butt made an appearance.   Since we're already dealing with regular people acting crazy… what about you? When was the last time you lost your mind and went bananas?

"It's frustrating not be able to find a spot," said Andrew Stauble.

"I have gotten out, you know… gotten upset during a traffic situation," added Maurice Smith.

"One time when I was in middle school this girl pissed me off and I slapped her because she took my best friend away," recalls Tajmina Aakhi.

After watching the video, Sarah Rodriguez mentioned that even though she once got upset when a driver took her spot, she would never react the way the stars of this film did.  "No, I'm not that wild," she concluded.

Let's not forget that these moms brought their kids to spend a beautiful sunny day among the beasts.  Well, mission accomplished.


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