Monday morning quarterbacking of President Obama’s speech

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WASHINGTON D.C. - President Obama addressed the nation on terrorism and ISIS Sunday night.

From sending special ops to Iraq and Syria, to launching airstrikes on ISIS oil tankers, to implementing stronger screenings for folks arriving in the U.S. without visas, and more gun control, Obama had a lot to talk about. But his emphasis was on unity, and taking thoughtful steps forward:  “We should not be drawn once more into a long and costly ground war in Iraq or Syria,” he said.

Of course after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, there is a lot of fear. And there's always a lot of "politics."

After the speech Donald Trump tweeted "is that all there is?" Then he offered this insightful nugget via Twitter: "Wish Obama would say ISIS, like almost everyone else, rather than ISIL."

Jeb Bush proposed his own, more "aggressive strategy,” and Marco Rubio said “not only did the president not make things better… I fear he may have made things worse."



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