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PHOENIX, AZ –  We’ve all had them, those bad hair days when nothing seems to go right.

But now, there are a couple of guys who will be talking about their bad days to their new pen pal.

You know, pen as is prison.

In Phoenix, a guy hijacked a pickup truck, then decided he liked the motorcycle in front of him better. We have no idea why he wanted the motorcycle, but the biker dude wasn’t giving up his ride without a fight.

Sensing this was a losing battle, the jacker jumped back in the truck and ran over the motorcycle as he continued his run from the cops.

It was a short run, ending on the wrong side of the law when the truck ended up on its side.

In Anne Arundel County, MD, a suspected drug dealer tried to out run cops, in his car and then on foot. He didn’t make it either time. In fact, his attempt to run away was short-lived as cops piled on and beat him to a pulp. Even a K9 cops stopped by to join in.

Antron Bulow now faces drug charges and the ridicule of future fellow inmates as the drug-dealing dude who couldn’t run straight, and ended up a punching bag for cops.