More violent protests in California as Iran calls for end to US “racist” actions

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BERKELEY, California – The battered people of Berkeley, California are boarding up and cleaning up. It was another night of violent protests over the grand jury’s no-indictment in the Eric Garner chokehold case on the other side of the country.

The night ended with eight arrests and two injured cops.

In Oakland, California, protesters set fires, broke windows, and threw explosives at police officers who responded with tear gas.

But, apparently Eric Garner’s mother wasn’t tuned in to California’s chaos when she went to church Sunday to encourage the protesters around the country to keep on keeping on with, what she called, their beautiful riots.

"The riots have been so beautiful, so nicely done -- and peace is the message. We don't want any violence, but keep on keeping on."

Protesters in Washington apparently got her memo, particularly the part about peace. They showed up outside the Capitol building to call for a human rights investigation into Garner’s death, and in the death last August of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which also resulted in no indictment of the police officer involved.

And now the Iranians are chiming in. Yeah, those stalwart protectors of human rights say the US has to stop racist and inhumane actions.

Well, maybe it does take one to know one.


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