Morris the cat running for mayor of Xalapa, Mexico

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catXALAPA, MEXICO – Sick of the political rat race? Yea, you’re not alone. The town of Xalapa, Mexico has given up on two-legged leaders, and instead, has taken a “paws” for the cause. Literally.

Check out Morris the cat. He’s running for mayor of Xalapa with the slogan: “Tired of voting for rats? Vote for a cat.”

Hmm, wonder if he’s a demo-cat?

Morris’ nomination comes after a growing number of Mexicans finally got fed up with their politicians. And get this: Morris isn’t alone. Dogs, a chicken, and a donkey have all turned up on the July 7th ballots across the country.

Morris, though, is by far the most popular. On his Facebook page (which has upwards of a 120k “likes,” which is way more than his three opponents), he vows to “rest and romp.” Hey, at least he’s honest! Morris also says that he’ll make a mess in office, but he’ll at least cover it up rather than leave it for others to clean up.

Covering his tracks? Eh, sounds like Morris is a typical politician after all.



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