HOUSTON (KIAH) — Black Friday 2023 is fast approaching! Do you know what to put at the top of your list of bargains to check out first? We asked around and DealDrop.com found out the number of states where specific items are most popular according to Google Trends.

The second most popular Apple item on the list and the fifth most popular overall, is the Apple Watch. A total of three states searched for it more than any other item – Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Texas.  


Do you think everyone on your list wants an iPhone? Think again! An Apple Watch ranked higher in other states. Also, with social media disrupting and shifting the most in-demand items, one item based on Tik-Tok views, boosted its demand.

The Dyson Airwrap proved to be the most in-demand item in two states across the US; Connecticut and Washington state. The item has gone viral on TikTok over the last year, with the hashtag #DysonAirwrap amassing 3.2 billion views on the platform.  


Check out the rankings below!

ItemNumber of states where the item is the most popular
Nintendo Switch13
Playstation 510
Xbox Series X5
Apple Watch3
Dyson Airwrap2
Garmin Watch1
Google Nest1
Courtesy of DealDrop.com

That’s not all DealDrop.com found out! Texas ranks #1 for gaming states so no doubt, Texas gamers will want a new gaming system for Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate! So how does Nintendo Switch compare to a Playstation 5 as the most popular Black Friday wish list item in your state?

DealDrop.com found out the most popular item in your state. Check out that list below…

StateMost popular item
AlaskaPlaystation 5
ArizonaPlaystation 5
ArkansasNintendo Switch
ColoradoXbox Series X and Series S
ConnecticutDyson Airwrap
DelawareNintendo Switch
FloridaNintendo Switch
HawaiiNintendo Switch
IdahoXbox Series X and Series S
IllinoisPlaystation 5
KansasXbox Series X and Series S
LouisianaNintendo Switch
MaineNintendo Switch
MassachusettsXbox Series X and Series S
MichiganNintendo Switch
MississippiNintendo Switch
MissouriPlaystation 5
NebraskaXbox Series X and Series S
NevadaNintendo Switch
New HampshireiPhone
New JerseyiPad
New MexicoiPad
New YorkGoogle Nest
North CarolinaPlaystation 5
North DakotaiPad
OhioNintendo Switch
OklahomaNintendo Switch
OregonPlaystation 5
PennsylvaniaApple Watch
Rhode IslandGarmin Watch
South CarolinaPlaystation 5
South DakotaApple Watch
TennesseePlaystation 5
TexasApple Watch
VermontNintendo Switch
VirginiaPlaystation 5
WashingtonDyson Airwrap
West VirginiaiPad
WisconsinNintendo Switch
WyomingPlaystation 5
Courtesy of DealDrop.com

Graphics info credit to https://www.dealdrop.com