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HOUSTON (KIAH) Tattoos are pretty much FOREVER, and what might be cool in the moment . . . may NOT be cool in the future. Many later decide to get them removed for whatever reason since political tattoos don’t age well. Some states are also known for their tattoo placement. Here’s the breakdown… crunched the numbers to put together a map of tattoos each state gets more than any other and one celebrity made the running.

Here are some states with various tastes:

Arizona gets Shia LaBeouf tattoos and he’s not even from that state.


Maine and Wyoming are getting pandemic tatts. For Wyoming, “coronavirus” tattoos are popular. In Maine, “COVID” tattoos top the list.

Washington gets fly tattoos. Georgia – dolphins.

Kentucky folks want Disney characters.

As for where people prefer to have them placed, Utah gets tattoo eyeliner, while Nebraska gets finger tattoos.  New Mexico gets more “fake tattoos,” assuming they’re temporary tats and not the word “fake” actually tattooed.

There are also political tattoos, which seem unlikely to age well:  Michigan gets Biden, Mississippi gets Trump, and Pennsylvania gets Bernie.