Mota & Money: Colorado shows us how it’s done!

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DENVER, CO – We all know the marijuana industry is rippin’ it up when it comes to rakin’ in the cash.

While marijuana and math don’t usually compliment each other, here’s a breakdown of Colorado’s pot sales in just the first month of 2014. It’s mind-blowing, to say the least.

Coloradans spent $14 million in January alone on recreational pot, lookin’ to get that Rocky Mountain high. That means every day people purchased $436,000 worth of weed.

The medicinal marijuana industry is 2.2 times larger than the recreational side of the business, but people tokin’ up just for the Hell of it paid 2.2 times more in taxes than those using herb for medicinal purposes. (Recreational pot is taxed at 12.9%)

If all those numbers have you in a bit of a fog then just remember this: In the first 31 days of 2014, the state of Colorado raised $2 million, not in sales, but in taxes alone. A fraction of those taxes, $195,000, is going to school construction in the state. Thanks to voters, next year the school’s cut is expected to go up to $40 million.

So, while HISD is busy giving schools throughout the district the ‘red-light’, maybe Texas should consider giving the bud-business the ‘green-light’ to help alleviate our growing pains.


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