Mother lets toddler take hits from the bong

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CENTRALIA, WA – Video was released of a 22-month-old boy taking a hit off of a bong.

The lunatic allegedly giving it to him is his mother.

There’s no audio, but Centralia, Wash. police say the little boy coughs and everybody laughs.

But cops didn’t think what Rachelle Braaten, 24, did was very funny. Neither did the anonymous tipper who sent cops the video.

Braaten is now not only in trouble for letting her toddler toke. Cops say 40 pot plants were found in her home.

Braaten was booked, and her two kids were taken away.

But Braaten isn’t the only marijuana mom making headlines.

Over in York, South Carolina, Jennifer Romero was arrested for allegedly buying pot and smoking it with her daughter. No word on how old the girl is, but that didn’t seem to matter to her dad.

Deputies say he’s the one who called the cops on his wife.

Jeez. It’s one thing to make your own bad decisions. It’s another to bring your kids down with you.



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