Mother of abandoned baby charged

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LOS ANGELES, CA – It is a shocking case of child neglect that would make anyone cringe. A newborn baby abandoned, buried alive under concrete in a Los Angeles riverbed. Now police have released the name of the offending mother.

Porsche Laronda Washington, 33, is being charged with attempted murder and child endangerment. It took police six days to track the mother down after she abandoned her child. Sergeant Richard Ruiz with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said, “Once we identified her through the hospital we reached out to the people who knew her and that’s how we began with the information and the leads that we had.”

Police say Washington hid her pregnancy all along, calling her “afraid.”

The baby girl is still in the hospital in good condition. Her fate now lies in the hands of the California Department of Children and Family Services. Her mother was apparently unaware of the “safe surrender” law that let’s new mothers drop their children off for adoption at hospitals and fire stations.



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