Movember: bringing the mustache back to popularity

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HOUSTON, TX – What do dentists and straight razors have in common?  Not much. But the UT Health School of Dentistry is about to change all that.

The chapters of the American Student Dental Association and Psi Omega Dental Fraternity have joined forces, and are bringing the mustache back to popularity… at least on campus.

Bryce Gates, a student organizer, said, “We’re growing out our mustaches trying to raise awareness for men’s health. Exclusively with Prostate Cancer Initiative and Live Strong – testicular cancer.”

All part of Movember, a worldwide campaign to raise awareness for men’s health issues by growing facial hair, or in this case; shaving some of it off with a straight razor.

Starting with the Dean, Dr. John Valenza, “Honestly, this was my first time to hear about Movember and what it all means, and so when they told me about the cause and the benefits, it was an easy yes for me.”

But a straight razor? Seems kind of dangerous; unless the razor is in the right hands.

Patricia Ramirez, of Shave a Gentleman’s Barbershop, said, “It takes a 9 month intense training, it`s very difficult because you could ultimately hurt somebody very bad if you’re not holding the razor right.”

No injuries in these skilled hands, and we hope the same is true for these young dentists in the future.

Money raised for a good cause, no matter what you think of the stache’s left behind!



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