UK father sentenced in chicken rape case


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HOUSTON (CW39) A British man convicted of having sex with his family’s pet chickens while his wife captured the encounters on video, will serve three years in prison.

Monday, West Yorkshire resident Rehan Baig, 37, received the sentence, a year-and-a-half after officers with the National Crime Agency raided his home on a tip, authorities say. Baig kept the videos on a computer folder marked “Family Vids.” Officers found “moving images showing the Baig engaging in penetrative sexual intercourse with a number of chickens,” according to prosecutor Abigail Langford.

Although Baig’s wife, Haleema, claims she was forced to take part in the fowl rapes, Langford says the videos tell a different story. “She is heard to make sexual encouraging remarks towards the defendant and engages in sexual intercourse with him,” the prosecutor says.

In addition to the chickens — none of which survived the sexual encounters — Baig is accused of having sex with a dog, Langford adds.

Is three years an appropriate sentence for a man who rapes chickens?


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