Murals bringing safety awareness for local wildlife painted along Galveston seawall

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By: Crystal Betancourt- Martinez

GALVESTON, Texas — The Houston Zoo hosted a bash on “Babe’s Beach” at Galveston Island Saturday, marking the kickoff of an initiative to beautify the seawall with five murals celebrating local wildlife.

The murals are aiming to bring awareness to wildlife, including sea turtles, shore birds, sharks and rays that are affected by ocean trash and discarded fishing line.

Local artist “GONZO247” helped kick off the initiative by being the first to paint one of the five murals.

Each painting would depict the Marine life and stand as a reminder of what people should aim to protect.

Many beachgoers were delighted to see the murals and thanked Gonzo for doing his part to help keep the beach beautiful.

Attendees had a chance to enjoy music and games while learning about the island and the amazing creatures that call it home.

A representative from the Houston Zoo explained how Marine life can be harmed by pollution and trash often discarded in the ocean. Sea turtles and other sea animals can become trapped in plastic left behind, including trash bags and the plastic rings that are used on 6-pack beverage cans.

Galveston Bay Action Network, or GBAN, was one of the many organizations out in full force, passing out information on how to keep the beach and its aquatic life safe.

“Even picking up your dog poop is a big help. We have so many dogs in the Houston area, we can fill up about 52 dump trucks with just dog waste. That really is a big problem with bacteria and ecoli. We just try and promote that people use their doggie bags,” an organizer said.

“Pump Dont Dump” is another organization on a mission to keep the area clean by asking boaters to not discard trash in the ocean. The waste can kill not only kill fish and other wildlife, but can cause health problems for consumers.

The murals can be viewed on the seawall at 63rd Street.

It helps when every person does his or her part. Keep the beaches clean!


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