Mysterious chemical sprayed in Houston area Walmart sickens customers

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HOUSTON, TX – Walmart shoppers beware; there’s something in the air. Just don’t ask what it is.

Harris County HazMat couldn’t even figure out what was wafting around the Walmart store on Highway 6 and Westpark making people sick, but they do know how it got there. Harris County Sheriff’s say two guys walked into the Walmart around 9:00pm and started releasing something into the air (some kind of chemical they think) and then the guys ran off. About 150 customers and employees were cleared from the store, but by the time officials showed up most of the vapors had cleared out too.

Customers say the fumes caused everyone inside to start choking, coughing, their eyes were watering and some people became sick to their stomachs’.

While surveillance tapes confirmed what happened, Harris County officials are trying to figure out what the men sprayed that forced several customers to be taken to the West Houston Hospital.

With chemical-clad-criminals on the streets we’re officially changing the saying, “If ya smell something, say something… you know the number!”

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