Mystery Wire – Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure


MYSTERY WIRE (CW39) Historian Richard Dolan has written several books about excessive government secrecy, in particular the secrecy surrounding classified files and programs dealing with UFOs.

Dolan and others think the subject deserves full disclosure, including formal congressional hearings. In 2013, the world got a glimpse of what such hearings could accomplish.
The citizen hearing on UFO disclosure was presented in Washington over a period of days. A few dozen UFO investigators, witnesses, and scientists testified before a panel of former members of congress and told the story of how UFO secrecy evolved and why it must end.

Reuben Langdon was a principal figure behind the citizen hearing. The testimony and questioning is sort of a video encyclopedia of the modern ufo era, a tutorial, in effect.
And now, it’s available for free online. The citizen hearing on UFO disclosure, perhaps a glimpse of things to come. The story on Mystery Wire with George Knapp reporting.

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