Mystery Wire: Dark Skies


HOUSTON (CW39) With millions of people working from home during the pandemic, many of us have had the free time to look up at the night sky. One resource that is rapidly disappearing is darkness. Our country is bathed in artificial light, which means dark skies are disappearing. Mystery Wire’s George Knapp has the story.

One of the brightest spots on the planet, the Las Vegas strip, is a tourism and economic beacon, even during the pandemic, but all of this light comes at a cost. It spills out into the night sky, blotting out the stars and our connection to the cosmos. The number of places that are truly dark at night is shrinking fast. Light pollution is not only an environmental issue, but a health concern.

“We humans evolved like all life on earth and bright days and dark nights and we need both for optimal health and so our bodies have never had a chance to evolve to adjust to all this bright light at night.”

Pual Bogard

A growing body of scientific evidence documents the physical and emotional consequences of light pollution, but it is hard to quantify what it means to lose sight of the Milky Way.
Can dark skies be protected?


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