Naked Burglar Startles Homeowner Then Tumbles Off A Cliff

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Pendleton, OR – First, there was the “Naked Cowboy” in Times Square.

Then came the naked lady in Houston traffic.

And now in Oregon, there’s “the Naked Burglar!”

That’s right, some guy took it all off and then went total commando when allegedly breaking in to a woman’s house.

The homeowner feasted her eyes on the nude intruder who popped up in her doorway while she was having a bowl of soup.

This guy had a lot of “boldness” to say the least when he uttered only one thing to the lady of the house, Gail Wilson.

He just said, “Hi, honey!”

To make matters worse, Wilson has muscular dystrophy so she feared the worst from the would-be attacker.

Wilson said when he came at her- with his arms wide open- “I had the strength to be able to push him away.” Then she called the police.

The guy scaled a fence while being pursued before taking a tumble about 50 feet off a cliff.

The naked man landed in a tree before being rescued and arrested.

And that’s the naked truth!



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