Naked man stops traffic, dances on top of his Tesla

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LOS ANGELES, CA – This is the city. Los Angeles, California. The City of Angels, where you can make the cover by being uncovered in your birthday suit.

The city that celebrates the conger eel draped over soft hills and valleys.

Where sex sells by showing skin.

The city of nude beaches and naked guns.

So why did the sight of a nude man dancing on his car parked in the middle of the Pacific Coast Highway get so much attention?

That’s easy. When was the last time you saw a Tesla?

Yeah, that’s right. Some bare-naked laddie was on top of his Tesla busting his best Bruce Lee moves.

Witnesses say that at some point the man got back in his car and crashed into another vehicle before getting out, running down the highway and resuming his naked antics.

Police finally took him to a local hospital where doctors determined he had some kind of meltdown.

Or, since this was in LA, maybe he was rehearsing for the new Tesla commercial.

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