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MISSION, TX – The life of a South Texas balladeer ended on a sour note in a citrus grove north of Mission, Texas.

That’s where irrigation workers found the body of Jesus’Chuy’ Quintanilla lying in a pool of blood next to his SUV. Cops say someone shot him twice in the head. The Hildalgo County sheriff says he has several leads, but no suspects and no motive.

Quintanilla’s family says they haven’t heard from his since Wednesday night.

Quintanilla was known for singing narcocorridos, folk ballads about drug traffickers, their lives, and sometimes their deaths in a bloody hail of bullets.

One of Chuy Quintanilla’s songs is ‘The Ballad of Tony Tormenta’, about the leader of the Gulf Cartel killed in a Matamoros gunfight in 2010.

But apparently narco-thugs don’t like to be the subject of songs. Other singers of narcocorridos have ended up shot to death in Mexico.

Valentin Elizalde after a concert in Reynosa in 2006, and Sergio Vega in Sinaloa in 2010.

Hidalgo County investigators now have to figure out if narco-assassins were on a mission of death in Mission, Texas.