DELAYED: NASA and Boeing 2nd test run Friday on an American made rocket & spacecraft to get to the I.S.S.



HOUSTON(CW39) DELAYED: The planned launch of the NASA and Boeing “Starliner” aircraft heading to the International Space Station has been delayed.

The unmanned orbital flight test would have been the 2nd test of this American spacecraft and rocket from American soil.

NASA says the delay is due to timers and automation on the I.S.S. not being in sync with the “Starliner,” after a Russion cargo ship docked with the I.S.S. Thursday, and it’s thrusters accidently went off.

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7/29/2021 With just hours away from another test run of the latest rocket and spacecraft taking off from U.S. soil, could be a game changer for NASA and space travel.

For years, astronauts have been using older, rockets and spacecraft launched from the U.S., and other countries to get to outer space. For years, NASA and Boeing have wanted to change that. And on July 30, they are moving one step closer to making that happen.


On Friday, NASA and Boeing will watch as the new “Starliner” aircraft and “Alliance Atlas V” rocket conduct their 2nd uncrewed flight test to the International Space Station. The goal of the Orbital Flight Test-2 will be to test the capabilities of Starliner and the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, from launch to docking to a return to Earth in the desert of the western United States. This will be a 5 to 10 day flight test and will help determine whether the Starliner system is ready to carry astronauts to the space station later this year. With this continued success, it opens the door to a path to regular human spaceflight launches, to the International Space Station on American rockets and spacecraft from American soil.

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