NASCAR fan shoots, kills self at NRA 500

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FORT WORTH, TX – The only time you see drivers hitting the brakes at the Texas Motor Speedway, is when they’re trying to avoid a serious problem. Unfortunately, 42-year-old NASCAR fan, Kirk Franklin didn’t put on his breaks before making a deadly decision at the Sprint Cup, NRA 500.

Fort Worth Police say Franklin was camping in the infield, and after getting into it with a couple of other race-goers, Franklin shot himself in the head. A police spokeswoman says alcohol may have been a factor, and if you’ve ever been to a race you know drinking and NASCAR, go together like drinking and NASCAR.

Apparently several people saw the shooting happen, but no one else was hurt.

If an argument at a sporting event was all it took to set this guy off, Franklin was clearly on the fast track towards tragedy. So, who knows if it could’ve been prevented?

We’re curious to see what NASCAR’s big-new sponsor, The National Rifle Association, will have to say about all of this.


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