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HOUSTON  — A song is sure to put a smile on the faces of cancer patients at Texas Children’s Hospital.

The non-profit organization Amp Ur Room is teaming up with Nashville singer-songwriter Rachel Price to bring uplifting music and entertainment experiences to pediatric patients.

“We met Jake and Jake’s wife works here, and he suggested coming and playing some music for kids. I mean it’s what we love to do, and kids love to hear it, and he said they don’t get to get out very often and go to shows and concerts and stuff like that, so I think bringing it to them is a really cool thing that we could do,” Price said.

The kids took a break from their daily grind to share some of their own talents with Rachel.

“We had one girl who after we were done with our song she sang a song back to us. Seeing the reaction on some of their faces was really cool,” Price said.

Rachel is no stranger to giving back. She also launched her own campaign to help Hurricane Harvey victims, and worked with

“If you ever have an opportunity to volunteer and help at a place like this or anything similar do it because it’s a good dose of perspective,” Price said.