National Beer Day at Karbach Brewery


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HOUSTON, TX-- It seems like there's a day for everything. Wednesday was Tartan Day. Monday was School Librarian Day. But this Thursday was definitely one to raise a glass to: National Beer Day!

You know what it celebrates? Houston brew fan Victor Albarran does, "Oh man, beer! The best thing ever!"
Well, yeah, but there's more to it. "National Beer Day," says David Graham of Karbach Brewery, "is a celebration of the first beer that came out after prohibition."

Yep! In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, legalizing the sale of beer after 13 years of it being banned. Back then, they thought with an alcohol content of just 3.2%, beer was too mild to get you drunk.

"Even at 3.2% ABV (alcohol by volume)," Graham notes, "if you drink enough of it, I'm sure you can become inebriated."

True dat! Karbach offers beers with a variety of alcohol contents. Their most popular, Hopadillo, comes in at 6.6%.

"Some of the barrel-aged beers that we make," he says, "are upwards of 12.5% ABV." You'll have to get in line for one of those... and it's not a short one!

So what is it about beer that people love so much ?

Fan Kevin McCarthy explains, "I like the taste, the full body, the refreshing aspect of it."

Albarran agrees, but his friend asks, "What about the way it makes you feel?"

"Well, that's just the side effect," Albarran laughs, "It's pretty good, too."

Andrew Elliott grew up in Germany, where he first tasted beer in elementary school, "There's just so many varieties of beers that you can enjoy and drink."

His co-worker Phillip O'Hara agrees, "Dark, hoppy, lights...and they're all good!"

"Beer, since the dawn of time, has been a beverage that brings people together," explains Graham. "You know, public houses or pubs, as we now know them, were a place for people to gather and chat and build a camaraderie."

"It makes you feel like you're young again," says Stacy Perry, who lunches over beers with her long-time friend. "Like, 'I'm sittin' outside drinkin' a beer.' Like I'm in college."

"It just makes me talk a little bit more, a little bit faster with a bigger smile on my face," laughs Angelique Lasseigne after finishing her fruity brew.

Feeling young, hangin' out and smiling more-- great reasons for a holiday. National Beer Day... we'll definitely drink to that!


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