Natural Disasters: Earth’s balancing act?

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Grego sounds off on the recent natural disasters whether or not man should believe that man can control climate.

“Mother nature`s fury, storms in Texas, tornadoes, and earthquake in Nepal nearly four thousand people dead – tragic stuff, and there`s nothing man could have done to prevent it.  Shows you who`s really in control and how insignificant and truly powerless we are.  But why do natural disasters happen?  You could get biblical and say it`s punishment dished out by the creator but that doesn`t resonate with everyone. Scientifically how about Hugh Ross`s theories on natural disasters. That hurricanes counterbalance the ocean`s tendency to leach carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, that, gone unchecked, would result in a catastrophic cooling of the planet. Or that hurricanes prevent the oceans from trapping too much of the sun`s heat by helping to circulate greenhouse gases globally as they shade the ocean locally, preventing heat from building up too dramatically for the safety of certain sea creatures. In the 2003 book Rare Earth the author`s claim earthquakes play a vital role in providing for mankind`s survival.  Without them they claim, ‘nutrients essential for land life would erode off the continents and accumulate in the oceans. In a relatively brief time, land creatures, at least the advanced species, would starve.’  But thanks to the movements of the Earth`s tectonic plates, these nutrients are recycled back onto the continents.  Who knows, but the point is, how ridiculous it is for man to believe that he (we) can control the climate. The Earth, over millions of years, has allowed species like dinosaurs to thrive and then shaken them off when she was ready and despite the worry over our natural resources, water, overpopulation and the like.  Mother Earth will take care of us too, one way or another!”

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