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HOUSTON, TX – We love our city of Houston, but there’s one complaint we hear over and over:

“I seem to notice in this city always a lot of construction on the streets and frequently it’s in the same places, but we’re never getting anything accomplished.”

This is not one of those stories.

Have you checked out the East End lately?

The plan to ‘Reclaim, Revitalize, and Rediscover’ the esplanade on Navigation Boulevard is well underway, and making lots of progress!

Officials unveiled and installed on Tuesday some key pieces of street art, furniture and lighting that will make the east end a really cool place to be!

“The benches are very natural-looking because they’re made to resemble wood, and they’re made out of concrete so they’re long-lasting. It’s a tradition that’s been in my family for close to 100 years,” said San Antonio sculptor Carlos Cortes.

Construction began in January, and should be done in about a month.

“Once this project is done, we’ll have spaces for 60 market stalls, we’ll have a market out here from Wednesday through Sunday. There will be artisans, musicians, and there will be fruits and vegetables out here, so it will be like the markets you see in Europe or other places,” said Patrick Ezzell, Director of Economic Development for the Greater East End Management District.

Tres chic!

“For me it’s a place to rest and contemplate and maybe enjoy the neighborhood, you know and enjoy a nice, shady spot,” said Cortes.

It’s still too hot to enjoy being outside, but you should definitely come out to the esplanade for the Second Annual East End Street Fest, the third week of October.

“There will be lots of variety, lots of activity out here and really something unique to the city of Houston,” said Ezzell.

Just call us the Bayou-nique City!