Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden is living in poverty

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NEW YORK, NY – You’d think if you were the man who killed America’s number one enemy, you’d be rewarded handsomely. But that’s not the case for the Navy SEAL who shot and killed Osama Bin Laden.

‘The Shooter,’ as he’s called, spoke out to Esquire Magazine. He says he retired from the Seals in September 2012–36 months before the 20-year requirement for retirement benefits. This means he was left with zip, zilch, nada! No pension, healthcare or any sort of government protection for himself or his family from possible retaliation.

“I think he has nightmares about how he’s going to support his family and how he’s going to feed his family,” said Phil Bronstein, Esquire Magazine contributor.

The U.S. Navy responded to the article saying:

“We take seriously the safety and security of our people, as well as our responsibility to assist Sailors making a transition to civilian life. Without more information about this particular case, it would be difficult to determine the degree to which our transition programs succeeded.”

The government also says it makes no exceptions when it comes to retirement benefits. Oh c’mon! We’re sure the armed forces spent a hell of a lot more money looking for Osama, and would still be shelling out the big bucks had it not been for this guy.

Can’t we give the guy a break?!





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