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ROSENBEERG, Texas – Here’s a scary, scaly sight!  It isn’t every day you find an alligator behind the wheel!

Well yeah, that’s exactly what happened to professional alligator trapper Christy Kroboth in Rosenberg on Sunday morning when she went out to her SUV.

Kroboth had just captured the critter the night before, and overnight he tried to make a clean break by breaking her windshield, but to his bad luck, he got caught in the steering wheel.

This guy was definitely ornery!

On the video, you can hear the gator hissing, despite the pink tape keeping his jaws shut, as Kroboth slowly approaches the vehicle.

“This is a blind, seven-and-a-half [foot] alligator,” Kroboth explained. “He’s blind in his right eye– he can see in his left eye– and he has bullet wounds to his back. See those holes right there? Those are bullet wounds so someone was mean to this gator… even though he beat up my car, we’re still going to try to be sweet to him.”

We recently caught up with the ‘Gator Squad’ to learn more about these scaly creatures.

“These guys have 80 teeth: 40 on top, 40 on the bottom…extremely fast!” Kroboth told us.

You don’t have to tell us, twice!

“You leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone, too,” Kroboth reminded everyone.

But back to “Buster” the gator… what became of him?

No, he didn’t become a pair of boots. “Buster” was released into an alligator preserve.

“So no more busting windshields for this guy,” Kroboth said. “And nobody shooting him in the back anymore, either!”

See ya later, gator!