New $250,000 smartphone topped with diamonds

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GENEVA, Switzerland -– Yes, we all know diamonds are forever, but now they are also for your phone.

The Swiss jeweler Savelli has come out with what may be the most expensive phone in the world.

Did we say it’s topped with diamonds? For a cool quarter-mill, you can hold one up, and then caress it. Touch it, stroke it, and undress it. And, yes, you can even call someone with it.

“It’s called Black Insane,” says Savelli CEO Alessandro Savelli. “It’s got over 70 baguettes-cut white diamonds, which have been cut to fit this specific curve, which is called the Line of Grace, which is the signature of Savelli.”

And it would make a great stocking stuffer.

It would go great with that Vanity Fair Academy Awards experience you can buy from Neiman Marcus for only $425,000.

And if a quarter-million dollar phone won’t make you stand out at the Oscars, try another Neiman holiday gift: A trip to Paris to create your own perfume. It only costs $475,000.

Hey guys, perfume and a phone may be quite continental, but diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. And since baseball is played on a diamond, you might want to consider a ticket to an Astros game next season.

It’s cheaper, and if she doesn’t like it, you can go.





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