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Does a fetus feel pain? Actually, no one knows for sure, but Utah Governor Gary Herbert  who isn`t a doctor but is very Pro-life says he “wants to err on the side of caution.”

So the Herbert signed a bill requiring Utah doctors to give anesthesia to women who are having abortions 20 weeks or more into their pregnancy.

Utah residents used to be able to choose whether they wanted to be drugged. Now, they’ll be given an anesthesia or analgesic that’ll numb them and their fetus and prevent pain.

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, this new law won’t affect many since in 2014 only 17 pregnancies were terminated at 20 weeks or later.

Despite the low numbers, reproductive rights advocates say, women’s health isn`t at the top of Governor Herbert`s list. “We think doctors should make decisions with their patients, and that politicians have no business being in between that relationship,” says   Planned Parenthood of Utah’s Kate Kelly.

Utah is the first state in the country “requiring” women be anesthetized for the procedure. Wonder which state will be second… maybe Texas?