New alcohol guidelines ask men to cut consumption by nearly half

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LONDON-- Looks like Kathie Lee and Hoda won't be celebrating 'Winesday Wednesday' in London any time soon. Medical officers in the United Kingdom now suggest folks should not exceed 14 units of alcohol a week.

What's a unit, you ask? Well, 14 units equals about five pints of beer or six small glasses of wine.

"There are weeks where I exceed that in a day. There are. I can't lie," admits Houston college student Cristian de Jesus.

The UK recommendations for women are about the same as they are here in the U.S. -- one drink a day. And of course, none if you're pregnant.

U.S. guidelines allow for two drinks a day for dudes, which is more than 24 units a week, compared to just 14 units across the pond.

Sadly, this UK study suggests there's actually no safe level when consuming alcohol. It all increases your risk of cancer. And even wine, once believed to keep all hearts healthy, only works on women over 55.

"I never really drink enough to where I'm completely gone," says proud drinker Jon Heimlich. "I just drink enough to where I'm very pleasant, and that's generally about five drinks."

"I would definitely say that I drink more than the recommended amount per week," says 20-something college student Jonathan Burlette, "and I don't see that changing any time soon."

The UK scientists urge folks to spread their weekly allotment of drinks out over the whole week, not binge drink on the weekend. 'Cause we all know what that looks like... and it ain't pretty.

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