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Don’t say “Yes to the Dress” just yet. Why not see what you’d look like in a variety of wedding dresses without even having to go in the bridal store.

There’s a new iPad App called, Wedding Dress Studio app, which allows brides-to-be or those who want to be, try on up to 300 wedding gowns virtually.

“With thousands of wedding dress designs available today, dress shopping can be very overwhelming for a bride-to-be. We designed Wedding Dress Studio to alleviate some of that burden and help women visualize what silhouettes, styles, and even dress fabrics will potentially look the best on them,” says Hillary Sica, executive director for the Wedding Dress Studio app.

Here’s how it works:

You upload a full-body shot and adjust your shoulder and hip points.

Then you can choose from various silhouettes, necklines, fabrics and embellishments, and see the dress overlaid on their picture.
The app allows the final design to be saved and shared on social media.

Miss Sica says the app has already been tested with about 200 users, and she plans to add other categories, such as maid of honor and mother of the bride.

I think this is a great idea for brides-to-be. I’ve been with several friends to try on wedding gowns and it’s overwhelming. This at least would give you an idea and plan of attack when you step foot into the bridal salon. But, I don’t really think you’ll know the gown is “the one” until you try it on.

It’s also fun for all of those brides-who-wish-to-be. You can show your mom who keeps nagging you what a “beautiful bride you’d make”.

Now if only we could find a “virtual” groom to which you could say “I Do” to

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