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HOUSTON,TX – They say a camera adds 10 pounds. But there is now an answer to that problem. There’s a new app that allows you to picture yourself, a few pounds thinner!

Visual Health Solutions in Colorado have come up with “Visualize You”, a weight loss app that literally shows what you would look like slimmer. The digital diet occurs after you take a picture of yourself and you type in how much weight you want to lose. The app then shows you a visual representation of what your future, skinnier self might look like. Giving you a goal to aim for.

But as we all know by now, looks aren’t everything and experts warn that when it comes with weight loss, seeing isn’t always believing. You not only have to work on your outside, but your inside. According to family therapist, Dr. Viviana Arango Coles,”It’s nice to look at the physical changes, but what really gives people motivation is to see there will be psychological and social changes.”

The app is now available for both iOS and Android in two versions, one free and another that costs $1.99. It’s an easy way to look slimmer on your smart phone at least, but if you want real results, you’ll have to lose the weight yourself.