New blood tests can predict if you’ll get Alzheimer’s

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WASHINGTON D.C. – A potential game-changer has been found in a recent first-of-its-kind medical study!

Simple blood tests can accurately predict whether or not a person will develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Georgetown University Medical Center researchers looked at the blood of healthy elderly people, and judging by the amount of lipids, they could tell who was likely to get Alzheimer’s. They say their test has been 90% accurate. Of course, other labs will have to validate the tests.

The thing is, there isn’t an actual cure for Alzheimer’s, but knowing in advance might be able to help your family prepare.

Alzheimer’s is a potentially fatal disease. About half a million people died from it in 2010, which means it could be the nation’s third-most deadly killer.

Needless to say, it would make sense if you might not want to know you’re destined for the disease.


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