New drama brings development of A Bomb to life

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SANTA FE — If you ever wonder what the world is coming to “these days,” just imagine what life was like in the early 1940s.

Germany was taking over Europe.  Japan had just attacked the United States.  The world was at war.

With millions dead, and thousands being killed by the day, America`s brawn were being shipped overseas and its brains were headed to the desert.

“There was a cloak of secrecy over the whole thing,” says Dr. Ed Hungerford, MD Anderson Professor of Physics, “there were just a few people even in the government who knew what was going on at the time,”

Based on a mesa in Los Alamos, New Mexico, the so-called “Manhattan Project” marked the start of the nuclear era.  Scientists were constructing the first atomic bomb.  Now the show “Manhattan,” premiering on our sister station, WGN America, brings this chapter in history to life.

The drama series is directed by Houston native Thomas Schalamme and it raises questions that–especially considering the current political climate–are worth considering.  In one respect, we know how this story ends.  In another, the drama is still unfolding.



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