New frozen poop pills may cure terrible diarrhea

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BOSTON, Mass. -- The good news: doctors might have found a way to stop terrible diarrhea. The bad news: their cure sounds a little too hard to swallow.

There could soon be a new pill to take. One that researchers say can combat a deadly condition called C. Diff., a bacterial infection that happens in the intestinal tract.

Sounds awful, right? But before you take two of these and call good old doc in the morning, be warned. These harmless looking pills are brown because each one of them is filled with frozen poo. Sounds super gross, but doctors say this poop in pill form is actually good for you and can stop dreadful diarrhea.

Ya see, fecal transplants are known as an effective way to fight C. Diff. infections. If a colon is sick due to unhealthy bacteria, a transplanted doodie from a healthy donor will help recolonize the troubled colon with new bacteria. This transfer is typically done with an uncomfortable rubber tube. Well until now, when researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital put some healthy caca in a capsule. Doctors claim 14 out of 20 patients given the poo pills were cured of their diarrhea in two days.

Here's how they work. The acid resistant containers eventually dissolve in the patients intestine, letting the released doodie do its work. The one major drawback (well, besides having to eat feces) is that since these pills are slow release, they only make the capsules "clear".

A "see through" poop filled capsule! Now that makes it hard to look past what you're swallowing.





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