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USA – Ear infections, other than a colds, are the number one reason parents take their children to the doctor. Now, the American Academy of Pediatrics is telling doctors to lay off antibiotics for children older than 6 months.

Ear infection symptoms are the main reason antibiotics are given to children but the symptoms aren’t always caused by bacteria. It can be a virus, allergies or teething; none of which will be cured by antibiotics and taking the med’s will only increase the odds of developing drug resistant bacteria.

The AAP does recommend prescribing antibiotics to rug rats over 6-months-old; if there’s a history of frequent ear infections, a fever higher than 102.2,  pain longer than two days or a bulging ear drum.

If your child doesn’t have those symptoms, they’ll likely be sent home with a 2 to 3 day “wait and see prescription.” If it sounds harsh, take heart in knowing what you’re doing now may make them healthier in the future.