New Jersey cop guns down ex-wife in front of young daughter

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ASHBURY PARK, NJ — A  sergeant with the Neptune Township police department is seeing how the other side lives after being arrested and charged with murder. Witnesses watched in horror as Sgt. Philip Seidle gunned down his ex-wife after running her off the road. He committed the murder all while the couple’s seven-year-old daughter was sitting in her father’s car.

NJ shooting 0617A batch of police officers just happen to be in the area, and pleaded with Seidle not to shoot after he raised the gun to his own head. After a 30-minute standoff they were about to talk him down and arrest him. Seidle and the victim, 51-year-old Tamara Seidle finalized a bitter divorce last month.

The couple shared nine children together ranging in ages from 7 to 24. Seidle, who used his department-issued gun to carry out the murder is being held on a two-million dollar bond.

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