New Mexican-American studies textbook being called “racist” and full of stereotypes

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Houston – A new textbook may be heading to Texas classrooms next year, and this book really has a lot of people bent out of shape!

Yeah, the book is called “Mexican-American Heritage,” and while it’s the first proposed textbook for Mexican-American studies in the state, critics say the book is written poorly, prepared by non-experts, and full of racism and stereotypes.

For starters, the book makes some wild claims– like that some Mexican-Americans in the ’60s “opposed western civilization and wanted to destroy this society.”

….And that Mexican-Americans don’t want to assimilate in this country.

While HISD does have some schools offering an approved Mexican-American studies course, it’s not with this book.

Texans can submit comments about the book to the TEA through September.

Then, the Texas State Board of Education will decide whether to approve the book in November, but individual districts will still decide which “approved” books they actually purchase and use.

And if the current backlash is any indication, it sounds like no candidate could mount a winning campaign for this book.

Yeah, some scholars only want to do one thing to this book: Burn it!



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