New Mexican Barbie comes complete with Chihuahua, passport

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EL SEGUNDO, CA – Run Barbie! Run! The immigration police are coming!

Sounds outrageous?  OK, now the real story: there’s a new Mexican Barbie out there that comes with a fiesta dress, a Chihuahua and a passport. 

The Barbie is part of Matel’s “Dolls of the World” collection and all of the models come with a pink passport. As glamorous as she is, however, many in the Hispanic community are feeling uneasy about this one. 

We all know Barbie is a fashionista with all sorts of professions, but nobody ever heard of a doll being deported. The manufacturer says this collection aims to teach little girls about different cultures around the globe. The passport is the VIP tool they need to travel freely. OK, whatever.

So at which point should we expect to meet “Gangsta Ken”, “single mom living on welfare” and the “victim of human trafficking Barbie?” Would we call that diversity? 

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