New polls put Obama, Congress at historic lows

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WASHINGTON, DC – Here`s some nasty poll numbers.

For first time in his presidency, more than half of Americans, 51%, do not see President Obama as a strong and decisive leader.

And when it comes to being honest and trustworthy, the Gallup poll found just half of the American people perceives him as having those qualities, another low in his presidency.

But the president is in good company, or bad, depending on your point of view.

Another Gallup poll this week puts Congress’s approval rating at 9-percent, the lowest level in the 39 years Gallup has been asking the question.

And, the disapproval is pretty much shared by republicans, democrats, and independents. In fact, congress’s approval rating by party affiliation has fallen by half since September.

But, we still have one more turn on the poll for this story.

An NBC Ness survey released this week shows Hillary Clinton with a strong lead over New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

It shows that 44% of Americans 18 and older would vote for Clinton in a presidential race with Christie who came away with 34%.

But the survey comes three years, count ’em, three years before the next presidential election.

Three years before the 2008 presidential election, a Gallup poll then gave Hillary Clinton a substantial lead over all Democrats.

In fact, she had the same amount of support among Democrats, 40%, as the next three combined: John Kerry, John Edwards, and Joe Biden.

The one person who didn’t show up in 2005, however, was the new junior senator from Illinois, old what’s-his-name.



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