New Sony hack theory points to inside job

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CULVER CITY, California –  The Hollywood mystery about who hacked Sony is starting to look like the plot to the board game, and the movie, Clue.

Was it Li’l Kim Jong-Un, in North Korea, with an internet connection?

Was it Vladimir Putin, from Russia, with love?

Of course, there’s always a chance the butler did it.

The US cyber-security firm Norse says Uncle Sam can stop fingering Li’l Kim. They say it was a disgruntled employee, in a snit, with an axe to grind.

Norse claims they’ve turned up evidence that points to someone who worked for Sony for a decade before getting laid off last May.

But, the FBI is “pooh-poohing” that, still clinging to their story that Li’l Kim and his Beastly Boyz are behind the caper.

However, Norse and other cyber-security folks say that dog don’t hunt. In fact, one group likes the Russians, based on an analysis of the words used by the hackers when communicating their threats.

Norse is sticking by its belief about the former employee being behind the Sony hack job, pointing to evidence that the employee is linked to online sites that allow people to pirate Hollywood films.

Who knows? But here’s one thing that’s pretty much for sure: someone’s already working on a script for a movie about this.


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