New stupidity virus can make ya… well, stupid

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BALTIMORE, Maryland - We've all done dumb things,and now we might actually have a virus to blame it on. It's called ATCV-1 and usually it's only present in algae.

Believe it or not, researchers are calling it the "stupidity virus".

Doctors  from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln found the virus in the throats of some study participants. Now, they're saying it attacks cognitive activity, learning and memory.

The tests found a correlation betwen the virus and performance on tests measuring attention span.

And, those infected appeared slower at processing visual information.

Researchers also injected mice with the virus, and found they also made less-intelligent choices.

Researchers say the results are a good example of how behavior and psychology come down to more than the genes you inherit.

So, if you know someone acting extra dumb, then maybe it's time they see a doctor.


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