New tablet comes in the shape of paper

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QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY, ONTARIO, CANADA – When did technology turn into magic? One day we woke up and suddenly phones were no longer attached to walls, books had no actual pages and a true friend became someone who likes your comments and pictures on Facebook. And there’s more: a new tablet computer comes in the shape of paper.

According to its infomercial on YouTube, “PaperTab is the world’s first paper tablet PC. PaperTabs represent apps as physical windows working together to create a seamless experience”.

Canada’s Queen’s University in collaboration with Intel Labs and Plastic Logic developed this flexible gadget which may end up redefining what a tablet is. Most likely, this isn’t something you’d choose to kill mosquitoes, but in some way it challenges the overprotective reverence we all feel towards our expensive toys.

Users can pick up a PDF document by touching one PaperTab showing PDF icons with another. The document is opened and navigated by bending the display, allowing the user to flip through its content without requiring buttons or slide gestures.

The coolest function of this tablet: it allows multiple users to work collaboratively, sharing documents by just touching their PaperTab s or even creating larger displays by placing their tablets together. What a comeback for paper. Next thing you know, toilet paper is going to come with an app.


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