New York Jets defensive lineman compares himself to J.J. Watt


10/20/13 – New England Patriots vs. New York Jets at MetLife Stadium – New York Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson #91 reacts after the Jets beat the Patriots in overtime.

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HOUSTON, Texas — J.J. Watt is a guy who’s as humble off the field as he is dominant on the field.

With an attitude like that, it’s no surprise that anyone would want to be like Watt. This even applies to other players in the NFL.

The New York Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson thinks his name should also be talked about when regarding the best defensive players in the NFL.

Richardson said, “J.J. Watt, he’s got a few more sacks than me, but it’s the same type of disruption. He’s a little more active, I’ll give you that, but we have the same type of determination, same heart, same skills.”

Richardson has zero touchdowns this season while Watt has five.jj-watt-houston-texans-defensive-end

Richardson has 6.5 sacks. Watt has 16.5 sacks.

Crunching the numbers and you see that Richardson clearly doesn’t measure up, but we can’t blame anyone for wanting to be like Watt.


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