New York juror questionnaire still lists ‘negro’ as race

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NEW YORK – This next story out of New York is almost hard to believe.

A 25-year-old prospective juror named Raeana Roberson wasn’t happy about the paper work she was asked to fill out and here’s why.

She snapped a photo of the juror information card showing a category which asks if the respondent self-identifies as “Black, African-American, or Negro.”

Sheesh! What is this, the 1950’s?!

Roberson crossed out the word “Negro,” and wrote, “Offensive! It’s 2014!”

The U.S. Census Bureau just recently discontinued use of the word after several responses to the 2010 census found it outdated and offensive.

A spokeswoman from the New York State Office of Court Administration says the race categories for juror information cards come from the U.S. Census Bureau.

New york courts plan to follow suit with the bureau and discontinue use of the word.

It’s pretty black and white, what needs to be done.

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