Newly released Al Qaeda conference video is raising concerns

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YEMEN – Al Qaeda’s at it again. This time, they’ve released video of a mass gathering in Yemen, where some of the organization’s top brass were on display.

It’s the largest gathering in years, and the U.S. intelligence community didn’t know about it, maybe until this video surfaced.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida believes, if the U.S. doesn’t do something to stop military spending cuts, we could be in serious trouble, “If things continue the way they are…soon we will see attacks staged against our interest and God forbid on our homeland from those ungoverned spaces in Syria.”

Should we be concerned?

Richard Stoll, Professor of Political Science at Rice University, isn’t bracing for an immediate attack, “This is a group that is constantly thinking about how can we do something against the United States, so there is a constant level of threat, but I don’t think this video raises the level of threat of what it was say two weeks ago.'”

As the 4th largest U.S. city with a major port is Houston at risk.

“My answer in no, but interests of Houston based company’s overseas, military personnel whose families come from Houston; those are the more likely targets. So in that sense we should be concerned but not about an attack physically our city,” explained Stoll.

Whether the video was intended to scare Americans or to be used as a motivational or recruiting tool; one thing’s for sure, the CIA is studying it very closely.


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